Reading for Life is a non-profit association based in Sweden. Our work promotes social justice in society and equity in education all over the world.

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Our mission


Reading for Life works towards the goal of democratising education so that all learners are given the best opportunities to develop cognitively, linguistically, socially and emotionally regardless of age, sex, ethnicity or social background and have available a range of options to enable them to participate fully in society.

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Our work


Reading for Life transforms educational theory and policy into school improvement measures and classroom innovation via:


•   creation of networks, projects and research partnerships between
     the tertiary, adult education and school sectors;

•   teacher professional development, especially in the area of literacy 

     and learning;

•   professional development for school leaders focusing on whole

    school improvement;

•   support for whole-school development of vision and mission;

•   school leadership support;

•   coaching of teachers;

•   conferences, seminars and presentations;

•   the Reading to Learn professional development program.


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Striking results with new literacy program

It is possible to change the inequality in classrooms. The literacy program Reading to Learn has shown that it is possible for teachers to close the gap between high and low achieving students and to improve the situation for disadvantaged learners. Watch the short video with Dr David Rose, Director of Reading to Learn and read more...